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Audio conferencing solution

We provide solutions according to your needs


PowerMic is a USB microphone that turns any conversation into a conference call in seconds.


Octopus is a simple and effective solution that transforms your computer into a professional conferencing device in seconds. Ideal for meeting rooms or home working office.


BluePod is a speakerphone with Bluetooth and USB modes for business conferencing. A built-in large capacity battery ensures a long conversation time.

Octopus Pro

Designed for medium to large conference rooms up to 20 participants. With 2 modes of Bluetooth and USB, it turns any room into a conference room.

Video Conferencing Solution

All-in-One Solution: Video Conferencing Camera with Speaker and Microphone

OwlBar Mini

All-in-one video conferencing camera, integrates a camera, microphone and mini soundbar, ideal for home office or small meeting room.

EagleBar Pro2

Intelligent 4K ePTZ camera with microphone array and a sound bar, ideal for small to medium-sized conference rooms (for 1 to 6 participants).

PumaPro P5

PumaPro all-in-one conference camera is the professional solution for up to 20 participants


TigerPro is an all-in-one camera for medium to large conference rooms (up to 25 participants).

Home confort & security

Solution for your comfort and security at home

Greenstar TH623

Greenstar TH623 Smart Thermostat save energy and improve home comfort. With the Cloudwarm app you can control your boiler with your smartphone anywhere.


The Matosio TRV603-WZ connected thermostat is a radiator valve controller with programming function. Compatible with Tuya app and Zigbee connection.

Zendo E05

Zendo E05 white noise machine uses high-fidelity sound recordings for a more peaceful sound environment, a variety of relaxing natural sounds (waves, rain, fire, streams, insects, white noise, birds, meditation and lullabies).

Panda H7

Panda H7 is equipped with a large 7 inch (17.8 cm) HD LCD screen to keep you connected with your baby. With its high-resolution 1280x720 screen, you don't miss a single detail and the image is always sharp and clear.